Essay: Desk-chairs of the Future

This kid was asked to imagine the perfect desk-chair of the future – what it would look like, and what it would do – and boy, does he ever. The chair turns into all kinds of utopian machinery. It flies, it helps you sleep, and it carries your books to school. Sentence structure is pretty easy and the language is solidly intermediate, with very little advanced vocab (one idiom, a couple of advanced words but not much). At six paragraphs, the text is a bit long, though.

In this text, you’ll notice several uses of the character “型”. 型 xíng means “type”, “kind”, “sort”. The character can be combined with other descriptive words, and in this text you’ll see 新型 – “New Type of…” and 大型, meaning “big type” or “large-scale”.

Here’s the original.


你想知道未来的桌椅是什么样子吗? 还是让我这个发明人来介绍一下吧!






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Do you want to know what chairs and tables will be like in the future? Well then let this inventor [author is referring to self] introduce you!

Chairs and tables in the future are manufactured from high-tech materials, and the size, color and shape can change according to your wishes. In the morning when you go to school, you just push the first button, and the color will change to green, symbolizing a new day full of youthful energy, and its shape will change into a new type of bicycle, since at that time [the future] people will all pay attention to the environment, and every student will ride this kind of bike to go to school, and no other power source will be needed, just solar and wind will be enough. If you run into traffic, this bike can leap over it, ensuring you’ll arrive at school on time.  

Once you get to school, please push the second button, and the green bike will turn into a blue computer desk and chair, and when you start to study, you don’t even need to have your book bag, stationery box or other study materials. Everything you need [to accomplish studying] is all in the computer.  

When school gets out, it will again turn into a bike so you can return home. Of course at this time, the bike is also freed to go slowly, so that you can take a moment to appreciate the natural scenery. When you get home and you have no homework, press the third orange-colored button, and the bike will change into a large video game machine, and you can play all kinds of games. Of course, it will do no damage to your eyes.

At night, press the fourth button, and the video game machine will turn into a fold-out bed in any color you want, playing splendid music, that will encourage you to drift into sweet sleep. If you feel at all uncomfortable, a few massagers will extend from the head of the bed and give you a massage, to let you rest peacefully.

What do you think? Surely you’ll like my future desk chair. I welcome you to place an order for one now.

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So let me get this. There trying to make a high tec machine that could like practecly do anything, but the problem is it is gonna cost a bunch of mony at this point but further in theyr problebly be cheap but anyways that’ll be AWSOME but extremely hard to make

Sounds a little bit far fetched. But then again, if someone had tried to tell us 25 years ago that future telephones could give you directions, teach you languages and get you laid, we probably wouldn’t have believed that either.

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Hi is there any more information about the actual author of this piece of text? Do you know if it has any copyright? I’d like to use it as a graphic for a project im working on

Hi Jon, unfortunately none of these pieces are good for use on projects off this site – the translations are done by me, the original authors are often un-contactable for a variety of reasons (this one because a school student wrote it, it’s an essay done for a school, which was found on a massive teacher’s repository for Chinese educators who share their student’s work). I use them here under Fair Use, as it’s for educational purposes and I’ve only quoted part of it, but probably not a good idea to re-duplicate elsewhere, since the copyright is super fuzzy. That said, if you need some text for a project, let me know what project, and I can perhaps point you to something with a clearer, uh, chain of custody.

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