Science! A quick paragraph about why peppers come in so many hues. Though the sentence structure here isn’t too bad and the article is very short, I’m classifying this as ‘advanced’ since several of the words are quite chemistry-specific.

Chinese Character Practice: Simplified ChineseAdvanced readers will recognize the words “被破坏” – to be broken by – as the phrase itself is common. In this case, though, we’re not talking about a literal breaking, we’re talking about the chemical process of an element “breaking down”.

Here’s the original.

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辣椒 – là jiāo – Pepper
未成熟 – wèi chéng shú – Not yet ripe
叶绿素 – yè lǜ sù – chlorophyll
缘故 – yuán gù – A reason
含有 – hán yǒu – To contain
素 – – Pigment
相应 – xiāng yìng – Correspondingly


There are many types of peppers, but all types of pepper are green in color before they ripen, which is because they contain chlorophyll. When it finally comes time for them to ripen, the chlorophyll breaks down, and the yellow and red pigments in the peppers increase accordingly, so they become yellow and red. In addition, some types of peppers taste better when they’re still green, so they are brought to market before they ripen. That’s why we see so many different colors of peppers.

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