Joke: The Desert

This is a very short beginner children’s joke.

This is a very short beginner children’s joke. Read the original on Tom61

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老师: “沙漠是一块又长又的地方,上面光光的,什么东西都不长。”
小学生: “老师,我明白了。我爸爸的头就是一片沙漠。”

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Teacher: “A desert is a long, wide place, its surface is very bright, and not a single thing grows there.”
Primary School Student: “Teacher, I understand. My father’s bald head is a strip of desert.”

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I found that page by a chance. How lucky I am I can’t express :). Great job! Page layout, texts, translations and the characters tips make your website just a perfect tool to learn!

Silly, deserts have plants and animals in there, and the father might have been bold but the student said that the head was like a desert so meaning there would be hair on the dad’s head.

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