Father and Son Don’t Get Along

Another super-simple and very short children’s joke.

One thing to watch out for here that can be confusing is the way the word “分” is used here. Typically, one says “100分”, meaning that one received “100%” on a test. In this case, the student indicates that he wants the teacher to give him “5分”, which we can take to mean “5 stars” – not actually 5%.

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秋子起立回答: “老师,最好的办法是:这一次在我的成绩通知单上全5分!”

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Teacher said: “Students, in today’s Family Issues Discussion Class, the topic is “Father and Son Don’t Get Along”. Student QiuZi, do you know the best way to eliminate an issue with father and son not getting along?”
QiuZi immediately answered: “Teacher, the best way to eliminate this problem is to give me five stars on my next report card!”

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