A very basic story about a young elephant who learns a valuable life lesson.

Basic Chinese Reading PracticeThere is one particularly difficult sentence here, and that’s 小象爬到树去学飞“哎哟”一声,摔了一个大跟头. The words themselves aren’t too hard, but the sentence arrangement doesn’t make a lot of sense when directly translated into English. Let’s take it step by step:

小象 – Little Elephant
爬到 – Climbed to / climbed up
树 – tree
去 – go
学飞 – learn to fly
“哎哟” – ‘Ai yo!’ Sound which means “Yikes!” or “Ow!”
一声 – Noise, sound
摔了 – to fall
一个大 – a big
跟头 – Fall, trip and fall.

If you look at all these words together, you can more easily process the overall meaning of the sentence, which is, “In order to learn to fly, Little Elephant climbed a tree and, with a yelp of “Ai Yo!”, fell heavily to the ground.”

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小河 – xiǎo hé – Brook, stream
飞来飞去 – fēi lái fēi qù – Fly back and forth, fly here and there
爬 – – Climb
跟头 – gēn tou – Trip and fall, take a fall
本事 – běn shì – Ability, skill
宽 – kuān – Wide
不能比的 – bù néng bǐ de – Cannot compare
钩 – gōu – Hook







On the third day after he was born, Little Elephant went with his mother to the banks of a stream, and there he saw a bird in the sky flying here and there. Little Elephant said: “If I could fly, I could see even more things, it would be great!”

In order to learn to fly, Little Elephant climbed a tree and, with a yelp of “Ai Yo!”, fell heavily to the ground.

Seeing this, the snake said: “Little elephant, we all have our own abilities. I can’t fly, but I can sleep in a tree.”

Lion said: “I also can’t fly, but I can jump across a wide river.”

Tiger said, “I can’t fly, but I can swim!”

Little Elephant’s father and mother said to him, “We elephants have great strength, incomparably greater than that little bird’s.”

Little Elephant understood. He used his long nose as a hook and moved a large branch.

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  1. Thank you for posting this story, it was officially the first text I’ve read in Chinese !

    The Little Elephant was a really pleasant read, and your commentary / vocab list were both useful. I’ll be sure to read your other stories as well :)

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  6. Ahh, the tiger knows how to swim, not jump over the river the english translation is wrong
    other than tht it is very good!


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