Guest Post: The History of Chinese Americans

Hey, whaddaya know! A guest post. Been a while since we got one of these. Many thanks to Ryan, who submitted recently. Ryan tells us: “This is a very interesting article about Chinese-Americans that shouldn’t be too hard for intermediate-level readers. The grammar in this article is fairly simple, and I could understand most of it, having learnt Chinese for half a year.”

This post was taken from a passage in one of Ryan’s old Chinese textbooks, given to him by a friend. It introduces what we presume is a much longer treatise on the history of Chinese immigration to North America. In this text, we learn a couple of cool place names and period names here.





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From the 1820’s, Chinese people started arriving in America. Most of them came from Guangdong Province and Fujian Province. Initially, they came to California to pan for gold [during the Gold Rush] ; later, they built railroads and started farms in the West. In the 1940s and 1950s, more people [immigrated to the] United States] because of the Chinese civil war. Beginning in the 1970s, more and more Chinese people came to America to study. After they graduated, some people stayed in America to work and live.

When the Chinese arrived in the United States, most of them lived in big cities. Thus, now many cities like San Francisco, New York, Honolulu, Canada’s Vancouver, and others have large Chinatowns.

Previously, Chinese people living in the United States had it very hard. But through the joint efforts of several generations, many [Chinese] people have achieved great things. Here’s a look at contemporary Chinese Americans, which ones are you familiar with?

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Great article! I’ve been studying for almost as long as Ryan, and I could also make sense of it, although it is definitely challenging.
Keep them coming!

Great post! I am Chinese American and lives in Los Angeles. I grew up in Asia and moved back to the States after Junior High. Thanks for sharing this story!

Good article, thank you for posting. I spotted some HSK 3 words in there, but nothing more difficult than that.

Much appreciated. I particularly like the way you can hover over any word for the pinyin and translation. 太感谢你!

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Regards. : Stephanie K

I am a Thai-born ethnic Chinese, now a US citizen. This story touched me so very much. My parents fled China in the 40s and there was a story that my father killed a Japanese soldier. All in all, they fled Chaozhou because of 中国内战 to a new life in Thailand in the 20世纪四五十年代. I came to 美国 in the 20世纪8十年代 to 留学. And I found a new life in the US and am very happy. My family members in China now speak Mandarin and I do want to be able to connect with them through Mandarin. My half sister in China said to me once, do not study Chaozhou, study Mandarin.

Thx for sharings.
I need to learn Chinese by more and more practices, aiming to extend the field involved in Chinese / Mandarin, and happy to know the history. I planned to go China two months ago, but suspended by the coronavirus, so can only learn Chinese at home everyday.

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Fascinating read on “The History of Chinese Americans”! Your blog brilliantly delves into the rich and diverse heritage of Chinese Americans, shedding light on their contributions, struggles, and triumphs throughout history.

It’s essential to honor and understand the journey of various communities, and your blog achieves that with grace and depth. Thank you for sharing this valuable piece of history, enriching our knowledge, and fostering cultural appreciation.

Looking forward to more enlightening content from you! 🌟🇨🇳🇺🇸

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