News: Drunk woman breaks airplane window with fist causing emergency landing

Binge drinking, breakups and air travel don’t mix, people. HSK 6 and up.

I haven’t done a news item in a long, long time. Mostly that’s because the best source for Chinese news practice is The Chairman’s Bao, I can’t really do any better than they do. But every once in a while there’s a ridiculous news item that doesn’t get coverage , so I’m thinking that from now on, when I do news, I’ll just post the weird, wild and trashy.

Speaking of trashy… this lady was in some kind of lover’s tiff, downed a bunch of booze and boarded an airplane, with disastrous results. Breakups, binge drinking and air travel don’t mix, people. But maybe more importantly: don’t they stress-test porthole glass under crazy amounts of pressure?

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Some language stuff

Couple of small points worth noting:

 gāi – The professional news-language way to say “this” / “that” / “the above-mentioned”.

李某 Lǐ mǒu – The woman’s name is listed as 李某, but this does not mean her name was actually Li Mou. It means her surname was Li, and her first name is unidentified to protect her privacy.

29岁失恋女子重拳砸破舷窗 飞机紧急备降郑州机场







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According to today’s June 12 public announcement by “Henan Airport police”, a woman became drunk because of an emotional problem, and threw a drunken fit during the course of an airplane flight, smashing the inner layer of glass of the cabin window, which led to an emergency landing at Zhengzhou airport. ThE woman has been taken into custody on suspicion of damaging of transportation equipment.
It is understood that on the evening of May 25, Henan Public Security Bureau Airport Branch received a police report: a drunk female passenger had damaged the porthole glass during the flight, seriously affecting flight safety. The flight was forced to land at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport.

After receiving orders [to respond], Zhengzhou Airport Police quickly rushed to the scene to get a handle on the situation, and successfully subdued the woman involved.

The investigation revealed that passenger [surnamed] Li, female, 29 years old, drank two 250ml bottles of liquor alone due to emotional injury and thereafter boarded flight GJ8528 from Xining to Hangzhou. During the flight, Li lost control of her temper under the influence of alcohol, and slammed her fist into the porthole of the aircraft, causing the glass inside the porthole to crack. Fortunately, the crew [was able] to gain control of [the situation] in time, and no greater damage was done, otherwise the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Testing revealed that Li’s blood alcohol content was as high as 160 mg/100 ml, and she was in a drunken state at the time of the incident. At present, Li has been criminally detained by the Henan Public Security Bureau Airport Branch on suspicion of vandalism.

Henan Airport Public Security also reminds passengers that aviation safety is everyone’s responsibility. Any damage to any part of the aircraft during flight may seriously threaten flight safety. All passengers must abide by [standard] aviation procedures [for orderliness], and not cause a catastrophe due to a moment’s willfulness.

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