News: Snowstorm has caused 15 deaths and 2000 flight delays or cancellations

In the spirit of the holiday season, which is winding to a blissfully overweight close, I give you an article about something you may or may not have just struggled through if you flew home for the holidays (which I did).

This is a wildly factual article about the congestion caused by the snow storms a week or so ago. Not a lot of excitement here, mostly a tallying up of what a big fat mess the American aviation system becomes during the annual Christmas hysteria.

Lots and lots of proper nouns in here, including lots of U.S. states, some cities and even a couple of basketball team names. Probably the most fun you’ll have reading this is trying to decipher the list of Chinese names for U.S. states (read the characters out loud quickly and see if you can guess – example: 弗吉尼亚州 fo ji ni ya = Virginia). You can always tell you’re reading a U.S. state name because the character 州 appears at the tail end of each state.

暴风雪已致15人死 2000航班延误取消





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This Christmas season, America is suffering through a blizzard, which has already caused at least 15 deaths and the delay or cancellation of 2000 flights.

According to reports, the snowstorm and bitter cold has caused deaths in states including Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Many regions issued warnings reminding people not to go outside, because the biting cold, howling winds, low temperatures and dangerous traffic conditions compose a threat to pedestrians. The weather department said that severe snow will soon appear in America’s northeastern New England area, with snowfall in Maine reaching 18 inches (about 45 centimeters). As a result, many people’s Christmas travel plans will be effected.

Currently, 200,000 homes have already experienced electrical outages, and tens of thousands of travelers have been detained. [Also due to snow] in Indianapolis, the NBA postponed Wednesday night’s Indiana Pacers vs. Chicago Bulls basketball game.

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just curiuos, do the chinese ever keep the proper name proper? Transliterate is ok but it seems they leave no exception.


Um… I’m sure there are cases where they keep the proper name, though I can’t think of one at the moment. Sometimes with major brands like GAP they will keep that name, but they usually have a Chinese equivalent as well.

i remember reading this around april. it seemed to difficult and incomprehensible. now after 2months in china and reading children books in chinese, this is so much easier

Please put more texts on news. It would be better if there were texts about business fields, scientific texts, and other formal texts.

Sounds like a bad blizzard, but one question, I couldn’t find where it says how much it last’s? So I just wanted to know if I skipped it because I wanted to know if it was hours, days, weeks, ect.

I think this sentence “As a result, many people’s Christmas travel plans will be effected.” should read “affected” instead.

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