Chinese Title: 我们家的跳绳比赛

A single-paragraph essay about the results of a family jump rope competition.

Learn to Read Chinese: Beginner School Essays by Chinese StudentsHaven’t had a ton of extra time in the last few weeks – just went on a trip to Dalian, and still catching up from that.

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跳 – tiào – Jump
绳 – shéng – Rope
失误 – shī wù – Mistake
砰砰 – pēng pēng – Onomat. Sound of heart beating
弃权 – qì quán – To voluntarily not participate

This morning father and I competed in jump rope, father went first, mother kept time and count, father jumped 128 times in a minute, and when I entered the playing field, father counted and mother took notes. In this round [literally: 'this time', but sounds weird in English because there are no previous times] I made no mistakes, and in one minute I jumped 145 times, my heart pounded in my chest, as if it would bounce right out. Mother abstained from participating, so I became Number 1 in our family, I was very happy.

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  1. Thank you,

    But is the english translation missing the part about the mother abstaining from the rope jumping?

  2. Hello Kendra,

    Thank you so much for this website, it is really helpfull for people learning chinese!

    I’ve got one question. This whole story is told in one single sentence. Is it normal in chinese not to use so many full stops?

    Thank you!

  3. Reply Muliadi Widjaja says: January 2, 2013 at 11:21 am

    Thank you for making this website. This help me study Chinese language in easy way. Hopefully this website helps many more people study Chinese.

  4. Reply Bill Watkins says: January 21, 2013 at 10:57 am

    Excellent site. Thank you for providing it.

    I am not sure what control you have over how the glosses on characters appear, but in the last line,
    全家中的第一名, the 中 obviously belongs to 全家 and not to 的。 Can this be changed? Related question: how does one get the pop-up glosses to appear?

    Also, the English translation has a typo: “This morning father and competed”

    Many thanks.

  5. Wow – this website is going to be perfect for a beginner like me to learn characters. I am struggling with just looking at a book trying to memorize them – this brings them to life! THANK YOU!!

  6. Is there anyway you can make the mouse-over give the definition for a word, rather than just the characters? i.e. 计时, not just 计 and 时。

    It would be a big asset.

    • There are certain free add-ons (at least for Firefox) that allow for this function. I don’t know about other browsers, but it is very helpful if you can find it.

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    awesome Kendra, love you :)

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    vielen Dank für diese tolle Webseite und die Zeit die Sie dafür investieren.


    Kanan Hide

  9. I have a conection, it’s common for me to beat my dad in a few things, espesioly in video games. Also some board games. ;) any ways love your website it is so helpfull in the chinese. :) THX again !_!

  10. This website is very useful thank you

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    Very good essay. This is a marvelous Chinese essay.

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