Continuing our riddle fest here is another short “guess the word” post. I think this one might be simple enough to classify as “beginner”, but the 3 unusual words push this into intermediate territory.

Modern Chinese Vocabulary Building: Chinese Childrens Riddles, Jokes and StoriesUnlike the last one, this riddle doesn’t really rhyme, but I think it’s easier to guess.

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戴 – dài – To wear
披 – – Drape over one’s shoulders
五彩 – wǔ cǎi – Multicolored
从来不 – cóng lái bù – Has never (done something)
唱戏 – chàng xì – Perform in an opera
吊嗓子 – diào sǎng zǐ – Voice training for opera singers


Hint: this is a type of animal.

It wears a red hat, its body is draped in a five-color coat, and though it’s never sang an opera, it likes doing voice exercises.

Answer: 公鸡 (Rooster)

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  1. Reply Dui La 3145 says: October 4, 2018 at 5:28 am

    Okokokokok it is a human with no mouth.

  2. Is a dum-dum.

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