This paragraph introduces “Punk Times Magazine”, and talks a little about its importance in influencing Chinese alternative youth culture.

Practice Reading Chinese: Chinese Alternative Music Magazine Reading Exercises“Punk Times” is 朋克时代 péng kè shí dài. Though this is definitely a magazine, it looks like it also came with a CD, as there’s a track listing that goes with it. It’s my understanding that along with two other Chinese music magazines 《盛事摇滚》 shèng shì yáo gǔn and 《自由音乐》zì yóu yīn yuè, 朋克时代 is among the cannon of alternative music publications in China (or as one netizen put it, “这三本小册子已成经典” – “these three booklets have already become classics”).

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If you feel like doing your own research and you’re interested in Chinese rock, here are the titles of other Chinese music magazines I dug up over the course of this post:

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摇滚 – yáo gǔn – Rock (rock’n'roll)
铭记 – míng jì – Engrave in one’s mind
掀起 – xiān qǐ – To set off (to set off a reaction or commotion, for example)
风暴 – fēng bào – Violent commotion
颠覆性 – diān fù xìng – Subversive
反抗 – fǎn kàng – To rebel
义无返顾 – yì wú fǎn gù – No looking back
燃烧 – rán shāo – Ignite, combust

1998年绝对是中国摇滚乐历史上最值得铭记的一年,这一年出现了一本之前没有过、之后也没谁能超越过的摇滚文化杂志: 《朋克时代》。它所掀起的平民音乐风暴对整个上个世纪末的国内摇滚艺术界是具有颠覆性作用的,它第一次将音乐杂志的内容引入了反抗现实意识的领域。在当时不知有多少青年被这本杂志带进了真正的摇滚世界中,并义无返顾的抄起吉它,用音乐燃烧着青春。
1998 was absolutely the year in Chinese rock history to be engraved in your mind, as this is the year that music culture magazine “Punk Times” was first published, [a magazine] whose like hadn’t been seen before, and it has never since been surpassed. It set off a civilian firestorm which had a subversive impact on China’s art world towards the end of the last century, as it was the first time a music magazine’s content introduced the spirit of rebellion into the sphere of popular consciousness. At that time, the magazine brought untold numbers of youths into the world of real rock, and [untold numbers] picked up the guitar without looking back, using music to ignite the young.

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    Why set off a civilian firestorm? (Turn back Chinese rock history)…… Rebellion into the sphere? Using music to ignite the young?

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