This is the second in a series of short reads where I take short posts from Sina Weibo (the Chinese Twitter) and translate them here.

Intermediate and Advanced Simplified Chinese Reading Passages and EssaysThis thoughtful, heady little blurb talks vaguely about the roll that patience plays in seeing us through adversity.

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忍耐 – rěn nài – To exercise patience, to show restraint
逆来顺受 – nì lái shùn shòu – Resign oneself to adversity
甘心 – gān xīn – Be willing to
屈服 – qū fú – Surrender
沧桑 – cāng sāng – Great changes
深渊 – shēn yuān – Abyss
隐痛 – yǐn tòng – Hidden anguish, secret suffering

玄成斌: 你的目标有多大,困难就有多大。忍耐是幸福之门的一把钥匙,是走出黑暗的一盏明灯;忍耐能使困难变得容易,能使意志变得坚强。忍耐并不是逆来顺受,也不是甘心屈服。生活的沧桑使生命的深渊埋下难言的隐痛,忍耐过后的心灵隐痛必将消失,暴风雨过后的天空会更加美丽。
The bigger your goal, the bigger your difficulties. Patience is the key that will open the door of wealth, it’s a light as you pass through darkness; patience can make your difficulties become easy, can turn your willpower into strength. Patience doesn’t mean that you should simply grin and bear your troubles, or that you should resign yourself to surrender. Life’s great changes will bury your secret suffering in an abyss, but patience will inevitably make the heart’s secret suffering disappear, and the sky after the tempest will be that much more beautiful.

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