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Advanced Chinese News Reading Practice - Advanced Chinese Newspaper VocabularyThis news story covers a new government initiative to help protect women from sexual harassment by providing special women-only taxis in the capital city Kuala Lumpur.

Here, as usual, we see the two news words that you see in just about every article, 据 , meaning “according to”, as in “According to reports…”, and also 称 chēng, meaning “to state”, as in “Our sources state…” or “The Prime Minister stated today that…”. I know I keep harping on 称 every time the word comes up in a news post, but I can’t stress strongly enough how often you’ll see this word in the newspaper – it’s in just about every article, and once you know what it means, news reading becomes that much clearer. This is news-specific language, so you’ll also hear radio and TV news anchors say it a lot, but you won’t often see or hear it elsewhere.

The Chinese title of this article is: 马来西亚推出50辆女性专用出租车 大受欢迎

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马来西亚 – mǎ lái xī yà – Malaysia
性骚扰 – xìng sāo rǎo – Sexual Harassment
据 – – According to (reports, etc.)
挡风玻璃 – dǎng fēng bō li – Windshield
吉隆坡 – jí lóng pō – Kuala Lumpur
妇女、家庭和社会发展部 – fù nǚ jiā tíng hé shè huì fā zhǎn bù – Department of Women, Family and Community Development
项 – xiàng – Classifier for projects, actions, decisions and tasks
举措 – jǔ cuò – Action, decision
担忧 – dān yōu – To be concerned
袭击 – xí jī – An attack, esp. by surprise
埃及 – āi jí – Egypt
伊朗 – yī lǎng – Iran





In Malaysia, women often become the victims of robberies, sexual harassment and other violent acts. According to a November 30 French media report, in order to better protect women from violence, last weekend the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur released 50 “women’s taxis” which will only transport women.

The top of the windshields of these taxis show a sign reading “women’s taxi”, and the drivers are also women. the project is a cooperation between several of Kuala Lumpur’s taxi companies and the project initiator, Malaysia’s Department of Women, Family and Community Development, who said that they hope to increase the number of “women’s taxi’s” to 400.

This has received a warm welcome from the local women. “This act is of course very good, we can feel safer getting into a taxi,” said 26-year-old office worker Na Xi Er (proper name). However, some female taxi drivers worry about the loss of male customers, and some people are concerned that because of what the “women’s only taxis” symbolize, the female drivers will become the target of attacks.

Before this, Malaysia has already released pink women-only train carriages, as well as buses that only carry women, in order to [help women] avoid suffering harm from sexual harassment. Besides Malaysia, Mexico, Egypt, Iran and other countries have already unveiled women-only taxis.

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