A short, easy (very) beginner read about a child going ice-skating. The word “ice skating” appears about a bazillion times in the space of these few sentences, so, after reading this, you may expect to recognize the word for the rest of your natural life.

Beginner Simplified Chinese Essay - Chinese Reading PassageA note: The characters 周井寒 which appear in this essay are a person’s name. The person is referred to twice, first by their given name, 井寒, then by their full name, 周井寒. The person’s relationship to the author isn’t really specified. This clearly isn’t the name of the child’s mother, as 周井寒 is referred to as a “he”.

The Chinese title of this essay is 快乐的我.

And here’s the original source

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作业 – zuò yè – Homework
早饭 – zǎo fàn – Breakfast
带 – dài – To take (someone) to do (something)
溜冰 – liū bīng – Ice skating
溜冰场 – liū bīng cháng – Ice skating rink
溜冰鞋 – liū bīng xié – Ice skates
摔倒 – shuāi dǎo – To fall down
扶 – – Help someone up, to support with one’s hand
连声 – lián shēng – Say repeatedly, say over and over
互相 – hù xiāng – Each other, mutually

早上,我把作业写好了,妈妈起来了,我对妈妈说: “妈妈,我把作业都做好了。”吃过早饭后,妈妈我去溜冰。到了溜冰场,我穿好溜冰鞋,开始溜冰了。溜冰的时候,我一不小心摔倒了,井寒把我起来了,我连声说: “谢谢你,周井寒。”周井寒摔倒了,我也把他扶起来。  


In the morning, I finished my homework, and [when] mother got up, I said to her: “Mama, I finished all my homework.” After we ate breakfast, mama took me ice skating. When we got to the ice rink, I put on my ice skates and began ice skating. When I was ice skating, I wasn’t being careful and fell down, and Jing Han helped me back up, I repeatedly said: “Thank you, Zhou Jing Han.” Zhou Jing Han fell down, and I also helped him up.

Today, you help me, I help you, we help each other, we’re so happy!

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    我一不小心摔倒了, means I wasnt careful and fell down. If I would want to say: I wasnt careful about falling down. How would it differ?

  4. 请放一次的故事 对不对我想说 plaes maening the story

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