Considering I spend a good deal of time on WeiBo, China’s answer to Twitter, I’m starting a new series of posts called “Micro Blog Posts from WeiBo”.

Practice Simplified Chinese Reading with Intermediate Texts and PassagesI’ll take a good “tweet” and translate it here, with a link to the user that posted it. If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to learn Chinese, may I suggest signing up for a WeiBo account of your own? It’s free, it’s not too difficult to sign up (just keep pushing the big green buttons), it’s a great way to get a steady stream of blurbs for practice.

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迷宫 – mí gōng – Labyrinth, maze
景物 – jǐng wù – Scenery
目的地 – mù dì dì – Destination
安全感 – ān quán gǎn – Sense of security
错过 – cuò guò – Miss (out on) something

@时尚与美容资讯: 迷宫般的城市,让人习惯看相同的景物, 走相同的路线,到同样的目的地;习惯让人的生活不再变。习惯让人有种莫名的安全感,却又有种莫名的寂寞。而你永远不知道,你的习惯会让你错过什么。
@时尚与美容资讯: [Living in] the labyrinth-like city, people become accustomed to seeing the same scenery, walking the same paths, and reaching the same destinations; but routines make people’s lives stagnant. The routine give people a sense of security, but also a sense of loneliness. And you’ll never know what you could be missing out on.

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    Stagnant……. Socialist…….. reading books about Socialist?

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