A short, sweet children’s essay about how umbrellas look on a rainy day. The Chinese title is 小伞花.

Easy Chinese Reading - Simplified Texts, Passages and EssaysMost of this is beginner reading, but there is one part of a sentence towards the end of the text which is intermediate reading, so I’ve outlined the more difficult words there in the “click to listen” area.

You’ll also notice another onomatopoeia (I’ve been running into those a lot lately), 滴滴答答. We’re rather lucky when we describe sounds in English, we can mash a bunch of letters together until they sound similar to the sound we heard – we have a little more flexibility. I could write: pfffsssshhhh, and you could make that sound, or imagine that sound. The Chinese have no alphabet to work with, so they do this by taking existing characters that sound similar and arranging them together. In this case 滴滴答答 (di1 di1 da1 da1) represents the pattering of raindrops, as you might hear rain fall against a window or roof.

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传来- chuán lái – Arrive
滴滴答答 – dī dī dā dā – The sound of water droplets falling on something
行人 – xíng rén – Pedestrian
雨伞 – yǔ sǎn – Umbrella
极了 – jí le – very, extremely [used after word it refers to]
撑- chēng – To open up / unfurl
晴朗 – qíng lǎng – sunny and cloudless
陪伴 – péi bàn – Accompany




Today, when I had returned to my house and I was doing my homework, I heard the sound of droplets coming from outside, and I thought it surely must be raining. I hurriedly ran to the window, and looked down, on the street the pedestrians were all carrying umbrellas, and it was indeed raining.

There were yellow umbrellas, and there were white ones, and red ones, and purple ones, and also silver ones… so beautiful!

I thought about how great umbrellas are, they unfurl a sunny and cloudless sky for us, they’re really our good friends. I wish it could rain every day, so that my beautiful little umbrella could accompany me.

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  1. Reply Dan @ NCL Proofreading Services says: December 28, 2011 at 5:06 am

    Very useful thanks.. I like how the vocabulary comes up when you hover over it.. saves having to go to the dictionary every time.

    I did OK with this one, except for 打, which I didn’t know meant ‘carry’ – so I guessed it meant was opening an umbrella. The dictionary has a whole range of meanings for it, none of which would seem applicable to umbrellas :)

  2. Good point there with 打 – typically when we say “to carry an umbrella”, it’s 带 (which means “to carry”). In this case, 打also means “to carry”, but it typically doesn’t mean that.

    Sometimes, if I get stuck on verbs that are being used in an slightly odd way, I’ll do a google image search for the whole phrase. In this instance, 打着雨伞, and see what comes up. Hope that helps!

  3. These stories are just great. And I agree, the google image thing is super helpful sometimes.

  4. 真好谢谢您

  5. Reply Ashfaq Hussain says: July 7, 2017 at 9:47 am

    Can I make the abridged version of these stories and tell or make my students read these stories?

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