This is a plot synopsis of the book “Opposite of Me” by Sarah Pekkanen.

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爱恨交织 – ài hèn jiāo zhī – Love-hate entaglement
双胞胎- shuāng bāo tāi – Twins
嫉恨 – jì hèn – To hate out of jealousy
主人公 – zhǔ rén gōng – Protagonist of a story
筹码 – chóu mǎ – Bargaining chip
陷入 – xiàn rù – To sink into
前所未有的 – qián suǒ wèi yǒu de – Unprecedented
艰辛 – jiàn xīn – Don’t worry
邂逅 – xiè hòu – A chance encounter
掀起- xiān qǐ – To lift; an upsurge

  《世上另一个我》: 讲述了一段爱恨交织的情感纠葛。林赛有一个美丽漂亮的双胞胎姐姐亚历克斯,一个在她生命里扮演了重要角色的人,一个让她羡慕、嫉恨了二十多年的人。亚历克斯永远性感美丽、光彩照人,轻易就能得到父母甚至是陌生人的宠爱,那是林赛从未有过的幸福。和姐姐在一起,她总是令人遗憾的存在。在《世上另一个我》中,主人公林赛努力学习、拼命工作,事业的成功是她获得关注的唯一筹码。她为工作赔上了自己全部的生活,却终究逃不脱这个社会并非以实力论输赢的规矩。当工作遭遇重大背叛,她的职业也陷入前所未有的危机当中。


“The opposite of me” is about emotional entanglements in a love-hate relationship. Lynsey has a beautiful twin sister, Alex, who plays a very important role in her life, who makes her envious, and is someone she has jealously hated for 20 years. Alex has always been sexy and beautiful, radiant to look upon, and because of this easily gains the love of her parents and even strangers, a blessing Linsey has never had. When she’s with her sister, her sister’s presence is always regrettable. In “The Opposite of Me”, the main protagonist Linsey is a diligent student, a hard worker, and her careers success is the only thing she has. Her life has suffered at the expense of her work, but after all is said and done, she can’t shake off the fact that in this society, winning or losing doesn’t really depend on playing by the rules. When she’s betrayed at work, her career also sinks into an unprecedented crisis.

 ”The Opposite of Me” is also about the process of working through hardships, a comforting love story. Returning to her roots, Linsey still must face Alex’s dazzling radiance. Even the man who has liked her for 20 years, after meeting Alex by chance, changes his affections. Linsey complains about the unfairness of fate, and heaps this moodiness onto Alex’s shoulders.

  However, when bad luck comes to visit Alex, Linsey finally finds out that her feelings towards her sister are far from as simple as she thought. In order to fulfill her sister’s wish, Linsey climbs into the attic that has been closed for years, and unexpectedly discovers an old envelope that has been gathering dust for years; inside the envelope is a secret that has been hidden for almost 30 years. It changes the long-set course of her life, and raises a new wind in the lives of two sisters.

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