Essay: My Toy Bears

A quick child’s essay about two toy bears – a present from mom.

A quick child’s essay about two toy bears – a present from mom. If this article is on or just above your reading level, you may have trouble with the phrase 让人喜欢得不得了. Let’s take it piece by piece:

让人 – Makes one / makes people / Causes people to feel (as in “That makes people mad.”)
喜欢 – to like
得 – Grammatical word tacked on to “喜欢 ” that can be loosely translated into “that is” or “they are”.
不得了 – Extremely

So the whole phrase really means, “They’re extremely likeable”, but I’ve translated it a little more directly in the actual body of the translation so it’s easier to track with the sentence.

Also worth a quick mention is the word 胖乎乎, meaning “chubby”, but this word sounds very endearing, not insulting – a baby, for example, would be 胖乎乎.

You can find the original story on Tom61.

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今天,妈妈下班回来,神秘兮兮地对我说: “聪聪,猜看,我给你买什么了?我猜了好几次,妈妈都连连摇头。她看我急不可耐的样子,从背包里拿出一样东西,我兴高采烈地接过一看,啊,原来是一对可爱的玩具熊。




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Today, mother came back from work, and very mysteriously said to me: “Congcong, guess what I have bought for you?” I guessed many times, but mother repeatedly shook her head. Seeing my impatience, she took something from her backpack, I happily and excitedly took it from her and looked, ah! It was a pair of cute toy bears.

These two toy bears’ bodies were white as snow, they were pressed close together like a pair of dear sisters. Half-circle ears, small noses pointed outwards, a pair of eyes like two black pearls, chubby bodies, round head, all make them very lovable.

Most interesting is that if you use your hand to pat their arms, they automatically play some sweet-sounding music, it’s really wonderful!

These two toys are like my good friends, they accompany me every day, and they bring lots of fun to my family. I like my toy bears.

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