To commemorate passing my 50th post, I’ll be starting a new series on this blog called “Interesting Headlines”, which will just include several one-line news headlines from major Chinese newspapers, and will hopefully help with newspaper reading skills.

Advanced and Intermediate Chinese Newspaper Vocabulary and HeadlinesI tend to find that if I can read a headline and get the gist of a story, then I can read the story. But if I can’t grasp the overall concept, it’s difficult to pinpoint what’s being discussed – so I’ll be tackling headlines directly, and linking to the news story. You’re welcome to tackle it if it sounds interesting.

Almost all news headlines, with a few exceptions, are advanced reading material. I know most of my readers are beginner-level, so I apologize for the emphasis on advanced stuff. But the upshot is that news headlines are very short, which may give lower-level readers a shot at tackling something a bit more difficult.

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减税 – jiǎn shuì – Tax cut
吉普赛 – jí pǔ sài – Gypsy
争夺 – zhēng duó – To fight / vie over sthg.
仪式 – yí shì – Rite, ceremony
探秘 – tàn mì – Explore the unknown, probe mysteries
亩 – – Chinese equivalent of the word “acre”, one mu equals one fifteenth of a hectare

1) 新个税法明起施行: 月入五千每年将减税3360元
Finance: Read it on China Daily

2) 会说话吉普赛古董算卦机引天价争夺 美当地政府拒卖
Human Interest: Read it on China Daily

3) 杭州万松书院举办仿古入学仪式
Children: Read it on China Daily

4) 探秘印度尼西亚原始部落的木乃伊
History & Culture: Read it on XinHua

5) 重庆国家级森林公园发生火灾 面积已超300
Disasters: Read it on XinHua

1) New tax laws take effect tomorrow: those with a monthly salary of 5000 yuan will get a tax cut of 3360 yuan per year

2) An antique talking gypsy fortune telling machine creates a high-priced bidding war: American local government refuses to sell

3) Hangzhou Wan Song Academy of Classical Learning Holds old-style school entrance ceremony

4) Exploring the mysteries of primitive Indonesian tribal mummies

5) Forest fire at Chongqing National Forest has already consumed over 300 mu

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