Another slightly off-color “they don’t teach you how to say that in the textbook” joke, this one about two parents dealing with an unexpected pregnancy in the family. This is really upper-intermediate, not really super advanced, but there will be quite a few new words here for lower-intermediate readers.

Advanced Chinese Jokes and Written Vocaublary PracticeYou’ll have to forgive me these couple of recent not-really-for-kids jokes – I’m no primary school teacher, and I find that an endless stream of kids’ jokes gets a bit tiresome, and is not as reflective of real spoken language. This is the kind of joke you’d tell with your friends after a couple of glasses of 啤酒, and you have to admit, as scripted jokes go, this one’s pretty funny.

It’s a little hard to get rolling on this one, as the first sentence is a little hard to get past unless you know what they’re talking about, so I’ll explain a bit. The joke starts out: “一个16岁的女孩跟她母亲说她已经2个月没来了”, which literally translates into “A 16-year-old girl tells her mother that already two months hadn’t come.” Once you see it in English, and you know the joke’s about pregnancy, it’s pretty easy to decipher the meaning – the girl hasn’t had her period for 2 months and suspects she’s pregnant. Thing is, the medical word for “menstrual cycle” never actually shows up here – we’re seeing instead the colloquial term “月”, or “moon / month”.

It’s also worth noting that in this reading, 令媛 is the name of the pregnant daughter – that is not really explained.

[CORRECTION: Alert reader Katy informs me that I was very wrong - 令媛 is not the name of the daughter but, "an old-fashioned term of respect to say 'your daughter' which is in keeping with the status of the man as a 绅士 (gentleman)". Apparently, when you assume, you make an ass out of 令 and 媛. Thanks Katy.]

And one last interesting grammar point here is the phrase “负该负的责任”. To “负责任”, means to shoulder your responsibilities and fulfill your obligations. So this phrase means “fulfill the responsibilities that should be fulfilled”, or “to bear the responsibilities that one should bear”.

The Chinese title of this joke is “你可以再来一次”.

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验孕剂 – yàn yùn jì – Pregnancy test
浑蛋 – hún dàn – Variant of 混蛋, meaning scoundrel, cur, bastard
法拉利 – fǎ lā lì – Ferrari (sports car brand)
跑车 – pǎo chē – Sports car
名牌 – míng pái – Name brand
风度 – fēng dù – Elegant (applies only to men)
绅士 – shēn shì – Gentleman
别墅 – bié shù – Villa
继承 – jì chéng – To inherit
双胞胎 – shuāng bāo tai – Twins
不幸流产 – bù xìng liú chǎn – Accidental miscarriage

一个16岁的女孩跟她母亲说她已经2个月没来了…. 母亲一听不得了赶紧去药房买了验孕剂来确认一下… 结果女孩真的怀孕了! 母亲又哭又骂的问到:”到底是那个浑蛋干的好事,你给我从实招来!!” 女孩只好打了通电话… 半小时后,一部全新的法拉利跑车疾驶到了女孩家门,而跨出车门的是位全身名牌衣着又风度翩翩的中年绅士. 绅士进入屋内与女孩及她的父母双亲在客厅坐了下来. “午安!”绅士礼貌的向她们问候并说道:”令媛刚刚告知了我这个大问题,但是因为我的个人家庭问题,很抱歉我无法娶令媛为妻,不过我会负该负的责任” “这样好了,如果生的是女孩,我会留3家店面,2间房子,1栋海边别墅及一个200万美金的帐户给她” “如果生的是男孩,我会让他继承2家公司再加上一个200万美金的帐户” “如果生的是双胞胎,那就每人继承1家公司还有各100万美金的帐户” “但如果不幸流产了…………” 此时在一旁沉默已久的父亲,突然站起来,并把手紧紧的搭在绅士的肩上后说:”没关系,到时你可以再来一次!!”

A 16-year-old girl said to her mother that she had missed 2 menstrual cycles… as soon as her mother heard this, she rushed in extreme haste to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test and confirm the issue… sure enough the daughter was pregnant! Crying and yelling, the mother asked, “Whichever scoundrel did the happy deed, you make him come face me!!” The daughter was forced to pick up the phone… half an hour later, a brand new Ferrari sports car quickly pulled up to the girl’s front door, and who stepped out of the car but an elegant middle-aged gentleman wearing a completely new set of brand-name clothes. The gentleman entered the room and sat down in the living room with the daughter and her parents. “Good afternoon!” the gentleman politely paid his respects, and said, “Your honorable daughter just told me about this serious problem, but because of my own family situation, I’m very sorry to say I can’t take her to wife, but I will bear the responsibility I should bear. This should do: if a girl child is born, I will give her 3 storefronts, 2 houses, 1 seaside villa and a bank account with 2 million American dollars in it. If a boy is born, he will inherit 2 companies plus a bank account worth 2 million American dollars. If it’s twins, each will inherit one company and a 1 million American dollar bank account. But if it’s a miscarriage…” At that moment, the girl’s father, who had been sitting silently off to one side, suddenly stood up, put both hands firmly on the gentleman’s shoulders and said, “Don’t worry, if that happens [lit: when the time comes] you can come back again!”

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    16 year old girl,The getleman in this story related Bar music……You can come back again (Ít is a name song About this story) ……….. Another 3 characters in the girl’s father ??????? What his saying with the getleman?

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