This short bullet-pointed list was snagged from a health blog. Chinese title: 起床后的第一杯水的重要性

Advanced Chinese Reading: Health VocabularyVery heavy on the medical language, this quick post outlines five health benefits to have a glass of water upon waking up. I’m not 100% sure on the definition of 血溶量 – this translates to “level of blood solubility”, or literally “blood dissolve level” – no dictionary or translator has been able to help me out with this one, so if you’ve got a good answer, please post a comment!

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补充 – bǔ chōng – Replenish
代谢 – dài xiè – Replcement; metabolism
便秘 – biàn mì – Constipation
刺激 – cì jī – Provoke, irritate, upset
肠道 – cháng dào – Intestines, gut
冲刷 – chōng shuā – To cleanse
最佳 – zuì jiā – Optimal, peak
血液循环 – xuè yè xún huán – Blood circulation


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1. Replenishes water levels: Replenishes water lost by the body
2. Prevents constipation: Stimulates intestinal movement, moistens the intestines, promotes evacuation of the bowels, prevents and cures constipation
3. Cleanses the digestive system: Rinses the digestive system clean, dilutes gastric acid, alleviates stomach irritation, maintains optimal digestive health [lit: maintains optimal stomach and intestinal situation]
4. Clear-headedness: Increases blood solubility, dilutes the blood, reduces blood thickness, promotes circulation
5. Beauty: Purges toxins

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  1. I think
    “血溶量” refers to clotted blood rather than its solubility.

    so point 4: increases blood fluidity

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