A little late for a post about Tron, but hey. This synopses covers the movie Tron: Legacy, released around Christmas last year.

Practice Reading Advanced Chinese: Tron Legacy Movie Overview Giant nerd that I am, I was super excited about Tron coming out, so this post is kind of a way for me to relive that in Chinese. Enjoy.

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辉煌 – huī huáng – Glorious
继承 – jì chéng – Inherit, carry on
冒险 – mào xiǎn – Adventurous, risk-taking
荒废 – huāng fèi – Abandoned
探查 – tàn chá – Nose around, investigate
虚拟世界 – xū nǐ shì jiè – Virtual reality, web-based fantasy world
争霸 – zhēng bà – Power struggle

20世纪80年代,电子软体天才凯文·弗林(杰夫·布里吉斯 Jeff Bridges 饰)创建了英康公司,将人类带入一个全新的时代。可是在辉煌的时代开创不久后,凯文神秘失踪。在此之后,凯文年幼的儿子萨姆(加内特·赫德兰 Garrett Hedlund 饰)继承了父亲的位置,实际工作则由其他工作人员主持。萨姆天资聪颖,充满冒险精神,经常给英康的高层们惹来麻烦。这一天,他得知一间荒废已久的工作室内竟传来父亲的讯息。萨姆前去探查,结果竟进入一个全数字化的虚拟世界。这个世界的掌控者克鲁(杰夫·布里吉斯 Jeff Bridges 饰)与父亲有着同样的容貌,却野心勃勃,邪恶无比。萨姆被迫卷入一场充满阴谋的电子争霸战中……
In the 80′s (of the 20th century), electronic software genius Kevin Flyin (played by Jeff Bridges) founded ENCOM, which would lead humanity into a brand new age. But not long after this glorious new age began, Kevin mysteriously disappeared. After that, Kevin’s young son Sam (played by Garret Hedlund) inherited his father’s position, but actually the company is run by other employees. Sam is talented, smart and full of adventurous spirit, often causing trouble for the higher-ups at ENCOM. One day, he hears of an abandoned work room via a message which was surprisingly sent from his father. Sam goes to nose around, and is transported into a digital virtual reality world. The world’s master (played by Jeff Bridges) looks just like his father, but is ambitious and wicked. Sam is drawn into the middle of a war full of plotting and electronic power struggles…

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