I’ve found some cool Chinese movie review sites, so the next few posts will probably focus there. This one is a very short blurb introducing the plot of the new comic book movie Thor.

The original summary was taken from the movie section of Chinese web portal Douban.

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剧情 – jù qíng – Plot, storyline
掌控- zhǎng kòng – Control
点燃 – diǎn rán – To ignite
战火 – zhàn huǒ – Conflagration, fires of war
恶势力 – è shì li – Evil forces
重任 – zhòng rèn – Heavy responsibility


“Thunder God Thor” gives an account of the god from Northern European mythology who controls storms and lightning, who ignited the flames of an ancient war, and [because of this] was banished to live on Earth. But when Earth suffers as evil forces invade the kingdom of Asgard, Thor shoulders the heavy responsibility of protecting Earth, and in doing so learns how to be a real hero.

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