A very short, very easy, Chinese passage about a fictional teacher at Beijing University.

Easy Chinese Reading: Mr. Wang Works at the UniversityYou’ll learn a couple of interesting Chinese abbreviations for some of the biggest and most famous universities in Beijing, and a few school-centric words. Not a whole lot of compelling narrative here, and not much of a stunning conclusion, but good practice nonetheless.

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北大 – běi dà – Abbr. for Beijing University
生日- shēng rì – Birthday
经验 – jīng yàn – Experience
学期 – xué qī – Semester
现代 – xiàn dài – Modern
师大 – shī dà – Abbr. for Beijing Normal University

王先生是北大的老教师,一九三八年五月二十四号出生, 今年五十八岁。 今天是他的生日。 他是一位非常有经验的法语老师。这个学期他教大三的学生现代法语语法。

王先生的一位老朋友是老年大学的老师, 他经常在这个大学教日语。

他的一个学生在师大工作。 他有汉语书,法语书和日语书。 他天天教留学生现代汉语。现在他有五个男学生,八个女学生。


Mr. Wang is an old teacher at Beijing University. He was born May 24, 1938, he’s 58 this year. Today is his birthday. He is a French teacher with a lot of experience. This semester he is teaching modern French grammar to 3rd year students.

One of Mr. Wang’s friends is an old university teacher, he often teaches Japanese at this university.

One of his students works at Beijing Normal University. He has Chinese books, French book and Japanese books. Every day he teaches foreign students modern Chinese. Right now he has 5 male students and 8 female students.

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