My heart goes out to the many who lost their family, friends or homes in Japan this week. This straightforward Chinese article reviews the Japanese death tolls in the recent earthquake.

Chinese Title: 日本地震已致7653人死亡11746人失踪.

Simplified Chinese Reading Materials: Japan EarthquakeThe tragedy in Japan has been big news in Asia (as it has been everywhere in the world), particularly as many fear the radiation from the failed nuclear reactors will hit their shores. This article is chalk full of words you hate to read but which newspapers seems to love so much: fatality, refugee camp, disaster, missing persons, etc.

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强震 – qiáng zhèn – Strong earthquake
海啸 – hǎi xiào – Tsunami
截至 – jié zhì – As of, by [a certain time]
下落不明 – xià luò bù míng – Unaccounted for
罹难 – lí nàn – Fatality
沿海地区 – yán hǎi dì qū – Coastal areas
避难所 – bì nàn suǒ – Asylum, refuge

中新网3月20日电 据“中央社”报道,日本3月11日强震海啸灾难,今天迈入第10天,警察厅指出,截至19日深夜11时为止,确认死亡人数达7653人,下落不明者增至1万1746人,死亡和失踪人数合计1万9399人。




China News Service, March 20 via [Taiwan] Central News Agency Report: The March 11 Japan mega-quake disaster is entering its 10th day and according to Japan’s National Police Agency has confirmed that, as of [March] 19th at 11:00p.m., the death toll has reached 7653 people, and the number of persons unaccounted for has increased to 11,746 people, with the missing and dead totaling 19,399 people.

The National Police Agency reports that the fatalities are spread over 12 districts, included among these are Miyagi with 4449 people, Iwate with 2501 people, and Fukushima with 647 people – these three districts are coastal areas where the tsunami was most disastrous. The police recieved reports of 4253 missing persons in Iwate, 4503 in Fukushima, and 2895 in Miyagi. Three other districts additionally have [reported] missing persons.

In addition, there are still 363,000 victims living in refugee shelters. That number includes 155,000 people in Miyagi, 132,000 people in Fukushima, and 49,000 from Iwate. Due to long-term stays in the shelters, the health of many refugees is worsening, leaving many in a grim situation.

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